31 Days of Activities and excersises to expand your mind and your life. 


This is a transformational 31 Day Challange to refocus your energy, thoughts and ideas towards a more abundant you. We've gathered resources, activites, meditations and manifestations from all areas of our favorite resources to create this interactive workbook to help propel our fellow creatives forward. 


Expand into the highest version of yourself and step into your personal power in 2020 and beyond with THE LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE IN 31 DAYS CHALLENGE Workbook! 


Each Week has a theme-


Week 1: Is all about REFELECTION and tying up loose ends from 2019 so you can move into 2020 with vision and gratitude. When you look back at where you've been, you allow time for growth and expansion into the newest and best form of yourself. 


Week 2: Is focused on RELEASING what no longer serves you. It's here that you will let go of limiting thoughts and belifes, identify unhelpful patterns, making room for your next steps and bring in more happiness and abundance. Through self awarenss your bring about a more enlighted version of yourself. 


Week 3: This week you will begin your GOAL SETTING and personal expansion exercises for the months ahead. During this time you will focus on defining your future by creating actionable and messureable goals to focus on throughout the year. you'll define your personal misison statement and create your theme for 2020. 


Week 4: This week is all about MANIFESTING this is the time you make your goals and dreams tangible by harnessing your ablitlity to but your thoughts and desires into universal motion. You'll create a vision board, take action to making your dreams become reality and stand stronger in gratitude and self love. 



The 31 Day Live Your Best Life Workbook

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