PASSION IS AN ENERGY! INSPIRATION IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT! It's our job to ignite our passion within. As artist we can feel stuck and out of our personal flow, in this 38 minute Breathwork session we will focus on clearing out our stagnant energy to make room for passion, purpose and connection. 


Breathwork is a healing modality and active meditation consisting of a three part active breath. We breathe into the belly, heart and cheast through our mouths to get into our bodies and out of our heads. This ancient form of meditation is amazing for artists and creativies because it helps to connect to your evergy flow and ultimately your creativity. 


This is an unlitimted use purchase, once you buy the class though this link and you will recive the zip file to download onto your computure or phone and you can incorporate this mediation into your daily, weekly or montly practice. 

Breathwork for Inspiration: Passion, Igniting the Fire Within

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